How many years, stand for the passage of time, suddenly look back, that person deja vu.I smile, one heart and lakes have been thousands of years past, the right and wrong, resentment drunk but pot liquor, half screen castle.

Always thought that, we can meet, can meet, can meet, set five hundred years ago before the Buddha set margin.Can be originated moment, you and I have already missed the past lives of five hundred years.

While the next life, next life is what?Perhaps a sense of loss, may be I wait.To the end, is still perhaps perhaps.Always want to write something, but always sign off, maybe tomorrow will be a better wording.

Total and you want to say something, but always hesitate, maybe tomorrow there will be more time.We always miss.Miss miss yesterday, now, now, now still repeat, repeat the same.Floating world, getting together in haste, breaking up in a rush.

Maybe tomorrow, tomorrow, stay a little longer, think you, one room, waiting for you.How much time, how much space?It is tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.Since long, why should only increase the trouble, just leave it to tomorrow, tomorrow is willing to accept, whether is willing to wait for tomorrow.

Modern man is so free and easy."Handle their eyes" has become a far sunset dusk the classical elegiac, hurried departure, always say, if thou be successful in one's official career future when make you put seven day celebration.
Modern man is so proud.Filial piety should be returning, swaying advice and care on the road, dusk is falling in between, bow, is one to a thousand miles.This last year, the distance is the frost cloud sky.

A paper a word or two words to the number of days, a little excited many day greeting.Such a rare smile is an elusive luxury, because tomorrow, tomorrow we will succeed, will be home.A good alibi, busy.

We are always busy, busy chasing, busy busy.Busy, always ignore.Give the blessing of friends, a later, family greetings, home again, lover's concern, a long time.Time, it is a lifetime thing.Is a lifetime, is far away, the ethereal without end.

Life, is a thrown out of stock.Rose is always waiting for the unknowable to cap the dream, want to advance much expenditure.We always ignore, ignore the others but also to his neglect of.Finally, always tearful, can not escape can not escape the fact.

Years, the number of waiting?This time yesterday you were my lover, today we have become a passer-by.The gap between each other never insurmountable.Life, the number of overdraft?When the sun comes up, smiled and gave you, at dusk, but not cry to see you.

Since two the life and death.The general feeling, you have not gone far.In the dream, you should still be on my way home.Wake up, but tears wet towel.Finally understand, not all dreams come and achieve, not all words have come and say.
Life, in fact unable to even a fragile also dare not mention.A flower falls, a leaf yellow, is the world for thousands of years, the.Days, in fact, unsound.Wind, rain, another day, another season.During his lifetime, and there are several tomorrow tomorrow?Perhaps the last, left is a low sigh, a sad confession, a silent sorry.

Only afraid of such opportunities never again.Said to the one who said, friends have separated.Sigh to who listen, love has become the stranger.Regret and person, this person has gone far.Let love continue, life goes on.

.....People are strange animal, always hope, always don't know to meet, do not always know what a man likes a woman, in fact most men like shoulder; men fear women what, in fact most men fear women flow in a single on the art of living speech, professor took a cups with water, ask here audience: guess what, that some women have, they like books.

Buy books, reading, writing, the book is the durability of their fashion and cosmetics have a year of summer, I travel along the Yellow River, numerous stations in the Yellow River shore, see the river